Our services

As an independent and vendor-neutral IT-specialist, we provide a broad range of knowledge concerning information technology in general, mainly for medium-sized companies.


Software Development

If you’re technically not up to date, you cannot compete. That’s why we’re developing software based on the lastest technology. You can’t get superior quality for free. It’s hard work and an ongoing process of improvement. Therefore, we not only support our customers in running their projects, we are also capable of doing the whole project management and implementation with a successful result.

Extraordinary companies need extraordinary solutions.

These companies have an outstanding know-how, a business infrastructure that has been cultivated over the years, and an individual management style, which is not run of the mill. They can be proud of that! In this day and age of globelization, it’s especially important to always be one step ahead and to surprise competitors in a really challenging way. Today is the day of lateral thinkers, the toxics, the ones that think off the beaten path, those who are cropping up unexpectedly. In order to succeed, these companies need to maintain and keep their know-how inhouse. Because software is nothing else but executable knowledge, the information technology being used by the company becomes a strategic component for success. As a consequence, the IT as a base and archive for the company’s know-how must always remain in control of the company and constantly adapt to the changing requirements. Helping you to do so is a pleasure for us.


IT Consulting

Sound and in-depth consulting first needs experience.
For more than 30 years, we haven´t been talking about IT and software — we´ve been doing it! Whether systems analysis, business process reengineering, project management, developing a security concept or a profound and long-term IT-strategy: we won’t rip you off with the famous “5 bullet points”. We will thoroughly support you with all of our knowledge and we will attend to every detail.



Knowledge is the major resource companies can’t get enough of. Improving skills and promoting talents inhouse is one of the most important strategic struts to enable one to cope with the new globalized challenges. We provide the necessary training and up to date hands-on experience to get your staff ready for the future.


Project Disaster Recovery

Bet on the wrong horse? This can happen and unfortunately, it does happen. There are many reasons why projects fail. Very often, a serious lack of competence inevitably leads into what is called the complexity trap. Whatever the reason is, we have already reanimated deader than dead projects and successfully accomplished them. This is one of our key competencies.