Software Technology

Software Technology

One might think that there is a software solution for every problem, at least when searched for long enough. In fact the choices for standard software, business solutions and universal enterprise applications are extremely overwhelming, and vendors keep on telling you that they have the optimal products for your business. Sometimes this is true. If you have already found such a product, congratulations!

Match! Really?

However, often the highly recommended software doesn’t really fit. Before going into production, essential changes are necessary. The extent of these changes will determine the final cost. Furthermore, this brings up questions regarding the maintenance of the software and the rights pertaining to the source code. Sometimes a completely self-contained development project, which will lead to a so-called custom software, can be an alternative. The next pages will cover the pros and cons, chances and risks of the above.

Virgin Soil

Needless to say, there are cases, especially in the technical and/or scientific domain, where there is no software at all for a given problem. Even though there is no alternative, there are still some aspects to consider that will determine success or failure. Software technique and technology is our passion. For more than 30 years, we’ve been helping our customers to get what they really need: software made to measure.