The kind of technology tells a lot about the one who is using it. That’s why we would like to tell you, what we really appreciate.



Java is not only an object oriented programming language, but a platform as well. The ingenious thing about it is that the java platform runs on different operating systems. Whether Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac-OS or Solaris: we develop applications only once and they run everywhere without modification.

Java originates back to 1991 (The Green Project). Today it’s one of the first class technologies for newly started development projects. We already began to work with Java at a time when it wasn’t really fit for professional usage. However, we always believed that some day it will become as important as Cobol or C once were.

And so, we began to develop tools and methods for and in Java to make it suitable for our projects. That’s how the framework Tentackle and the code generator Wurbelizer were born. Today, our early and long-lasting investment into this fascinating technology pays back more than ever before. When it comes to professional Java, we are at the bleeding edge!

Unix and Linux

Unix has a long history, especially with regard to the information technology. We’re using Unix in all of its derivatives since it became available for the first microprocessor-based computers in the early 1980s. The overwhelming success of Linux, which appeared in 1992, and today is one of the major Unices, pushed this powerful operating system family even further. The outstanding stability, security and elegance of Unix and/or Linux makes it the first choice for professional servers. As if we didn’t already know it.



The Unified Modeling Language is an excellent tool to structure one’s thoughts visually and a common language for both our customers and us. A picture tells more than a thousand words.


Generative Programming

It has always been the dream of software developers, that one day you just have to press a button and a magic programming machine will do the job, spitting out the application ready to run. Dream on…

It’s still a long way to go, but we’re getting closer and closer. Thanks to our code generator Wurbelizer, we’re able to generate a significant part of the source code automatically. By doing so, we’re not only quicker than others, but our software contains less errors as well. It’s a matter of quality.