In the long run, the cost-benefit ratio of a project is related to the dependencies caused by contracts, licenses, maintenance agreements and most importantly, the access to knowledge and competence. Usually, in closed source applications, the know-how is distributed rather unfairly: both the expert knowledge and the software technical know-how is controlled by the vendor. As a consequence, the company has difficulty integrating their own expert knowledge with the new software. However, the knowledge is what comprises the heart of a company and, in the end, is responsible for success or failure.


Together open

Mutual collaboration is the key to corporate success. Only those who are open-minded have the opportunity to improve their know-how and effectively turn it into success.
That’s why our concept for success is based on the following elements:

  1. Complete disclosure of the source code. You will receive the entire source code, no ifs, ands, or buts.
  2. Usage of open source tools. What applies to us, we also expect from the tools we use for a project: development tools, integrated development environments, and most importantly, the so-called frameworks have to be available as open source.
  3. Know-how transfer. We know how to manage a project successfully, and you know your business like no other. The benefit lies in the combining of the above. We will coach your IT-staff, enabling them to modify and extend the software on their own. During the project, they will learn the technology, methods and hands-on experience using the tools. At the same time, we will thoroughly implement your requirements according to your expectations.

By doing so, we will reduce the dependencies to a minimum. This creates additional opportunities for creative thinking and improves your chances to compete.



You only pay for services actually rendered. And, because open source is free of charge, you won’t have to pay any license fees, and we are not forced to increase third partie’s sales volume.
Furthermore, we are especially quick, particularly due to our Java framework Tentackle and our agile code generator Wurbelizer. As you have already guessed, both are open source.
In addition, you will benefit from our long-standing experiences in software development projects. After all, we didn’t just start yesterday. We’ve been doing this in different domains for over 30 years.