Our projects

The list of our projects demonstrates the different sphere of influences and activities in which we already have experience. The wide range of applications form the foundation of our current and continuous knowledge and expertise. Whenever we begin a new project, the probability that we have already done it is high; and for sure, something that is more or less similar has already been tried, tested and successfully accomplished.

Production Control System

A medium-sized company with outstanding know-how had a very special vision concerning a production control system. Of course, such a system wasn’t available on the market. We made the vision come true.

Financial Accounting System

You won’t believe it, but even for the commercial application, the “financial accounting”, there is still a need for individualized customization. An international logistic corporation had a broader level of understanding regarding such systems than were available on the market. The reason for a completely newly designed software was due to a a special product cost accounting. And we did it twice. Ten years later, it was a re-engineering project in order to get the knowledge running with the latest technology.

German Regional Seismic Network

This project, initiated by a geological institute of the German government, involved the development of a so-called data-request-manager that collects, archives and analyzes seismic data acquired by 16 gauging stations from all over Germany. It goes without saying that there was no such software available on the market.

Sewage-treatment plant

For one of the largest European machines and plants manufacturer, we developed a process control and visualization system for sewage-treatment plants. The system was special in its sophisticated fail-save implementation and technical elegance.

Simulation-based Production Planning and Control System

We developed a simulation-based production planning and control system for an aluminum producer. Although there are plenty of PPC systems on the market, most of them are designed for series production. However, with lot production, which is common in both the chemical and aluminum industries, these systems failed and are still failing. The circular flow of the material, scrap materials, mixing ratios and the extraordinary high degree of freedom of production planning, make great demands on such PPC systems when it comes to capacity utilization, the minimization of cost and just-in-time delivery. For this scenario, we developed a completely new simulation-based optimization method. It works very similar to a chess computer by trying out various alternatives with the help of an expert system.

PLC Gateway

Programmable logic controllers, so-called PLCs, are widely used in the industry to control production processes. Unfortunately, the communication between the PLCs and rest of the IT-world usually has been and still is accomplished by proprietary software and protocols which are special to the particular PLC manufacturer. In heterogeneous setups, however, the different protocols lead to an impedance mismatch which unnecessarily creates unnecessary complexity and cost for implementing a standardized infrastructure. For a big group operating worlwide, we developed a communication gateway based on industry standards that integrates all different kinds of PLC-“dialects” into a single concise platform within the worlwide company network.

Relocation Service Agency

A resourceful entrepreneur in southern Germany had an idea: how to turn the empty trips of relocation service companies into money.
We developed the perfectly suited software for his brilliant and award-winning concept.

Warehouse for Rolled Aluminum Ingots

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our fully automated computer controlled warehouse automatically transfers rolled ingots from the production line to the stock ground, thus, guaranteeing a speedy delivery to the manufacturing industry. Each aluminum ingot weighs up to 30 tons and is moved by a special crane.  All of this is completely controlled by our software. We assumed control of this project after two other software companies had failed. And, because of 100% customer satisfaction, we landed the contract again nine years later, and re-implemented it with the latest Java technology.