Open Source

Open Sources

Open Source is more than just free software. Since the late 90’s the idea of open software has not only driven the information technology as a whole, it has also led to the split of opinions. While the free transfer of knowledge has made a lot of today’s software even possible, it also had and still has a strong impact on the IT-business.

For a company that uses a free database system, open source primarily saves costs because there are no license fees to pay for.

However, there is much more. Open Source provides the unpayable advantage that the sources are visible and accessible to the public community, knowing that the code is the truth!
Almost every software contains bugs and although the documentation might be as elaborate as possible, sooner or later it will certainly not be precise enough. Looking at the sources solely reveals the truth, and you cannot place a high enough value on this.

Open Quality?

According to the slogan “you get what you pay for” one might think that open source is of minor quality. However, this is not true.
Whether open or closed, at the same time you will find both awful trash and superior quality. The closed source protectionists, particularly the well known larger US software companies, keep on launching one survey report after another, to prove that their products are cheaper in the long run, because you have to take into account the support, the documentation and other things as well. The fact that there are surveys that prove the exact opposite, indicates to us that we should not enter into this debate. Instead, we trust in our positive experiences with Open Source.

Give and Take

Because of the good experiences with Open Source, we decided to share our knowledge with the open source community. One can’t always just take. It’s time to give.
With Tentackle we provide a Java framework that helps to develop desktop applications more efficiently, and with our agile code generator Wurbelizer the development process is boosted even more.